Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, What is it?

The Problem:

  • carpets that are filled with sticky stains, soils and residues that don't remove well
  • quick resoiling after cleaning
  • alot of this can be a chemistry problem

The Goal

  • remove what is attached to the fiber and keep it from reattaching itself, thus making the carpet stay clean longer and resist soiling. To be able to transform the stickies into something that can be easily removed.

The Process is to use chemicals and agitation to liquify the stickies, soils, and residues, and add a polymer in the cleaning process to coat this residue and keep it from sticking to the clean fibers.

The cleaning chemicals along with the high speed agitation of our VLM orbital pad machine, liquifies the soils, strips them from the fibers,  then encapsulates them and turns them into particles as fine as dust to be vacuumed from your carpet.

Chemistry and super high speed agitation cause this process to be very effective, along with the fast drying times, about an hour, plus how long the carpet stays clean, resisting resoiling longer, make this very attractive to our carpet cleaning customers.

The Result:

  • A product that lasts longer, enhancing the value for the customer
  • A product with better appearance
  • Dries extremely quickly
  • Vacuums out easily
  • It eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking
  • Lengthens time between cleanings.
  • Extends life of the carpet